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Spectrum EEO provides Administrative support to organizations by conducting Fact Finding and Management Inquiries for allegation of harassment that are not connected to an EEO complaint.


Harassment is defined as unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, or demeaning or hostile behavior, aimed at an individual or group. Spectrum will provide a climate assessment report to the Agency after interviews and document are reviewed. Spectrum will develop a report for the Agency to decide whether actions are needed, affidavits and statements are not obtained during administrative inquiries to allow for free communication exchange. Spectrum will conduct the investigation fairly and impartially.

A summary of Spectrum’s assessment will be provided to the agency within two weeks after the conclusion of the Inquiry. On an average Spectrum inquires take approximately two weeks to conclude and will commence within 5 days of Agency notification.

During the process, all parties also are advised of the confidentiality and limitations of the
inquiry and that retaliation is illegal and not tolerated under EEO Law.
Managers are obligated to resolve a harassment complaint and remedy the situation as
promptly and as thoroughly as possible. Spectrum can help you meet this requirement.

Spectrum EEO also supports organizations in investigating complaints that are not investigated through the EEO complaints process.  These include allegations of general misconduct and include non-EEO harassment, or other non-EEO allegations of misconduct.  For these investigations, we conduct a thorough inquiry and analysis, and develop investigative reports based on collected evidence to assist clients to appropriately address the issues in question based on impartial facts. 

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