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Instructor-Led and In-Person Certification Training for Organizations

Certify your Team: 32 Hour Online EEO Investigator Certification Group Training


Welcome to Spectrum EEO! We offer comprehensive EEO Certification training for Companies, City, State, and Federal clients. Our training is designed to equip potential investigators with the knowledge and skills required to investigate Federal sector EEO complaints effectively. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or instructor-led online training via Microsoft Teams, we have you covered.

Our 32-hour online course, which meets the EEOC's requirements for investigator training, covers a comprehensive curriculum to certify your team as EEO Investigators upon  completion.

What you will Learn

  • An overview of the EEO discrimination complaint process.

  • The role and responsibilities of EEO investigators.

  • Theories of discrimination.

  • Interviewing techniques.

  • Report writing.


Course Agenda / Curriculum

  • Understanding EEO law and theories of discrimination.

  • Grasping the federal-sector EEO process.

  • Applying models of proof in employment discrimination cases.

  • Gathering and analyzing evidence.

  • Interviewing techniques.

  • Developing an impartial and appropriate factual investigative record.

  • Drafting an investigative summary.

The Spectrum EEO difference

Getting the facts.
Being inquisitive.
Planning carefully.
Being flexible.
Maintaining objectivity.
Staying methodical and organized.
Using common sense.
Building confidence in your abilities as an EEO investigator.

Instructor-led training sessions are conducted over Microsoft Teams.
Payment must be received in full before the session can be scheduled.
Instructors: Assigned based on availablity and geographic region
Office Phone: (877) 279-5811

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