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EEO Investigator Certification - FAQs


How do I become certified as an EEO Investigator?



A) The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires that you receive a 32 hour certification in order to conduct EEO Investigations. After you are certified, the EEOC then requires you to take an 8-hour re-certification or refresher course annually to maintain your certification status

Do I need to hold a security clearance for this?


A) No. However, the Agencies for which you may contract will likely do extensive background security checks as a condition for employment as an EEO Investigator, EEO Counselor, or Final Agency Decision (FAD) Writer. This position will require you to review and receive personally identifiable information and sensitive information, so you should have a background that will not preclude you from this.

Is the EEO Investigator Certification able to be used for Employment Reimbursement programs?

A) This is up to your employer since all have different requirements for reimbursement eligibility. We recommend that you share the course outline that is specified on our training site with your employer to verify the will provide reimbursement to you. Spectrum EEO is not involved with the reimbursement process with any particular employer. We do however provide receipts for the training, which is typically required by most employers.

Is the EEO Investigator Certification accredited?

A) This course was developed in consultation with the EEOC and meets the requirements of the EEOC’s MD-110 for certification and re-certifications for EEO Investigators. This course is also accredited by the Florida Bar Association for Continuing Legal Education (CLEs). We are continuing to obtain accreditation from major bar associations nationwide and will update this information accordingly as more accreditation’s are added.

What is the cost of the New EEO Investigator Certification / 32-hour course?

A) $997.

Can I take the refresher course if I am not already a certified EEO Investigator?

A) No, the 8-hour re-certification course does not certify a new EEO investigator. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires that you receive a 32 hour certification in order to conduct EEO Investigations.

Where can I get Information about the course?

A) All the information for all of our available courses can be found on our website at:

How can I become certified by paying for each module separately?

A) Yes. This option is now available. Please see: EEO Investigator Certification - Pay as you go |

Can you provide more information on what is the internship opportunity?


A) Internships are offered as available to eligible and newly certified EEO Investigators. In this program we will partner you with an experienced investigator who will work with you throughout an investigation to provide you with hands on experience and knowledge in conducting EEO Investigations. This opportunity is only available to certified EEO Investigators who have completed and successfully passed the 32- hour certification course. It also requires a background check as required by Agencies for whom you will be doing supporting work. We announce potential internships to our graduates and on our site. While we make efforts to guide newly certified EEO Investors toward internship, these opportunities are not guaranteed and should not be understood as an offer of employment.

Where is the internship?


A)  If you are selected for an internship, the setting will be remote with experienced investigators who will work with you throughout an investigation cycle. You would likely be required to interview and pass a background check before being considered for an Internship. The Spectrum EEO cannot guarantee you an internship.  

Do you provide assistance with job placement?


A) While Spectrum EEO does not guarantee job placement and does not act as a staffing agency, we do have relationships with many Agencies and companies that actively hire and contract EEO Investigators on an ongoing basis. We share information on contract, job, and training opportunities to our community of EEO Investigators. We also provide information on what these organizations require for consideration. We also hire experienced EEO Investigators for our EEO contracts when needed.

Is the program based on real cases?


A) At Spectrum EEO, we do not share any personal information from real cases due to our responsibility to protect this type of data. However, we do create realistic case simulations and education that accurately mirror real life case scenarios and situations.

Is it possible to work from home?


A) Absolutely! In most cases, this work is done entirely remotely. This is a great Work from Home opportunity! There are some instances if you should pursue direct employment opportunities that in may be done in office. Also, this work sometimes requires travel to do in person interviews. However, in many if not most cases, EEO  investigations are done remotely from your home and telephonically.

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