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Spectrum EEO - Capability Statement

Spectrum EEO provides EEO Resolution and Investigation services to Local, State, and Federal goverment agencies and private corporations. We provide a full suite of services required to manage and resolve EEO complaints in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We have established knowledge and expertise of authorities as they relate to the processing of EEO employment discrimination complaints. We are committed to providing exemplary customer service and support while maintaining fairness, balance, and equality in the workplace.

The Spectrum EEO Difference


Our Professionals have on average 20 years of experience in the field of EEO and are seasoned Counselors and Certified EEO Investigator's


We offer clients complete and unparalled transparency into their case portfolio and employ an unique automated reporting dashboard that enables clients to know the status of every case in their portfolio at any time, allowing for real-time direction and feedback. 


We use a customized case management system that includes workflow and document mangement, controlled access, and automated reporting that allows or team and our clients to know the status of every case in our portfolio, to access reports and documents, and to provide immediate direction and feedback.


🎉 Introducing the EEO Case Manager Dashboard by Spectrum EEO! 🎉

Spectrum EEO is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – the EEO Case Manager Dashboard. Designed to provide comprehensive insights into EEO case investigations, this read-only client-facing dashboard is a game-changer for monitoring case progress, identifying risks, and ensuring stakeholder accountability.

Why the EEO Case Manager Dashboard?

Effective project management and stakeholder accountability are essential for successful EEO investigations. Organizations need a powerful tool that offers real-time visibility into case status and highlights potential issues, all while maintaining data security.

Key Features of the EEO Case Manager Dashboard:

📊 Real-Time Case Insights

  • Status Monitoring: View real-time updates on the status of all active EEO cases. Monitor progress and ensure transparency across all stakeholders involved in the investigations.

  • Risk Identification: Quickly identify cases flagged as at-risk, allowing for proactive management and timely interventions to address potential issues.

🚧 Blocked Case Identification

  • Blocked Items: Easily identify cases that are blocked through detailed dashboard reporting. This feature helps maintain momentum and ensures that all parties are informed about critical issues that may impede progress.

🔍 Comprehensive Overview

  • Centralized Data: Access a comprehensive overview of all EEO investigations in one place. View Assigned Investigators, Purviews, Stages, and ROI Due Dates. The EEO Case Manager Dashboard also reports on the general health of an EEO case as a color-coded status.


🔄 Lifecycle Tracking

  • Case Assignment

  • Investigative Plan

  • Affidavit Collection:

  • ROI Creation: 🕵️ Investigation Support

🔒 User Access and Security

  • Read-Only Access: Enjoy the security of a read-only dashboard, ensuring that sensitive information is viewed but not altered. This maintains data integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements.

By integrating these features, the EEO Case Manager Dashboard enhances the efficiency, security, and transparency of managing EEO assignments. It provides a streamlined experience for both Spectrum EEO staff and our clients, delivering superior oversight and accountability throughout the lifecycle of EEO investigations.

Discover the power of the EEO Case Manager Dashboard today!

For more information, please contact Spectrum EEO or visit our website.

Phone: 800-362-4810



Spectrum EEO is a Small, Women, and Minority owned business.

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