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EEO Investigations

   Spectrum EEO has a national network of staff and contract EEO investigators highly trained to perform impartial and thorough Report of Investigations. All of our investigators have vast experience in researching allegations of discrimination and/or harassment with a clear understanding of applicable EEO laws and regulations (Title VII, ADEA, Rehab, and ADA) and deliver within the timelines required by the agencies. Our reports are clearly written and comprehensive, reflecting all gathered evidence, and provide a basis for a determination and/or Final Agency Decision (FAD).


EEO Counseling

Our Counselors are experienced in opening lines of communication between parties, identifying resolution options, and drafting settlement agreements. If resolution cannot be reached, our Counselors will conduct a limited inquiry and draft a thorough report that documents the provided counseling and attempted resolution efforts.

Final Agency Decisions

Spectrum EEO’s FAD writers are experienced professionals with extensive expertise in EEO law.  Spectrum EEO drafts FADs based on the merits of each individual case. Our FADs utilize applicable case law and the appropriate theory of discrimination and include a thorough analysis of each claim. Our FADs include a procedural chronology, factual background, applicable law, analysis, and findings, and reach a conclusion as to whether discrimination occurred. 



Spectrum EEO recognizes healthy communication between parties is optimal to reduce workplace conflict. Mediation presents parties in a conflict an opportunity to reach a resolution quickly, inexpensively, and civilly. Our experienced and highly trained mediators serve as a neutral third party to facilitate open, honest conversations while maintaining confidentiality supporting issue resolution. We draft thorough and mutually agreed upon settlement agreements. 

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