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EEO Investigator Certification - Pay as you go Options

Need more flexible options for payment ?

Pay for the EEO Investigator Certification Training by Module

Limited Time Offer - Register Today!

The cost the of the Certified EEO Investigator training is $997. If you need flexibility to purchase your course, you can purchase the course one module at a time. There is a $25 administrative fee for this service. 

This approach entirely self-paced. Once you have completed all four courses, you will presented with your certification. Here are the course links to complete to receive your certification:

This is the 32 hour EEO Investigator Training required for certification as an EEO Investigator.

Once you have completed all four modules, send email to and request verification of program completion. Once your completion is validated, we will send over your official EEO Investigator Certification. This process takes one business day.

To get started. click on "Module 1" above and create your account.


This offer will expire soon. Get started today!

** U.S citizenship and a clean criminal record is typically required to work in this field.

*U.S. Citizenship and a clean criminal record is typically required to work in this occupation.
It may take a bit of time to build your reputation as a seasoned EEO Investigator, but by Continually educating yourself on industry trends and adhering to standard industry practices, It can happen!

 We provide tools, supporting material, and ongoing professional training and development that keep our Investigators at the top of their game in the industry

The field of EEO Investigations can be complex at times, but we walk you through the process...

Adults learn differently than children and adolescents.Spectrum EEO Trainings leverage the principle of Adult Learning Theory.


Malcolm Knowles initially developed the adult learning theory in 1968, with six key points or assumptions. 

Adult learning theory, also known as andragogy, is the concept of learning in adults and how it differs from that of children’s learning patterns. The theory is based on the idea that adult learning is highly distinct from the learning that humans do as children. It also emphasizes the determination of suitable learning techniques for adults.


Become a Spectrum EEO Certified Investigator!

  • Learn the fundamentals required for all EEO Investigators, including the EEO discrimination complaint process, the role and responsibilities of the EEO investigator, the theories of discrimination, EEO laws and context, interviewing techniques, and report writing. 

  • Learn proven tools and techniques relevant and applicable to conducting thorough and effective EEO Investigations.  The content is based on the faculty’s research and experience with EEOC representatives, analysts, and industry best practices.

  • Learn best practices for developing affidavits, conducting investigative interviews, and writing Reports of Investigations.

  • Get recent updates on EEO policy and laws in the context of current events  

  • Receive a Certificate from Spectrum EEO immediately following your successful completion of this course.   After this course you will be a certified EEO Investigator. 

Tired of working for Office Tyrants? Train for a new career in EEO Investigations

  • Work from Home

  • Join a growing field of professionals

  • You determine your earning potential

  • grow your business larger, with you own staff

  • Help with the fight for Social Justice!

  • Flexible work hours

  • No special equipment, needed


Is EEO Investigations the right career for me?

  • Do you have great attention to Detail?

  • Are you a self-starter?

  • Do you enjoy reading documents?

  • Are you an effective writer?

  • Are you able to organize your work without direction from a supervisor?

  • Are you able to set your own work deadlines and adhere to them?

  • Are you able to follow directions and stick to industry standards?

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