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EEO Counseling

An EEO Counselor is a professional that provides vital information regarding the EEO process and other processes that may be available to the aggrieved individual, gathers basic information regarding the matter(s) from the aggrieved individual, and attempts to informally resolve the matter(s) if the matter does not go to the alternative dispute resolution program. 

Currently, Spectrum EEO does not offer a new Counselor training, but we do offer Annual EEO Counselor Refresher certification. To Register for EEO Counselor Annual Refresher training, Click Here!

Annual Refresher Requirement

The Spectrum EEO Counselor Refresher course meets the annual 8-hour requirement for Federal EEO counselors. Participants will receive instruction on recent developments in Federal sector EEO and discuss how these changes affect the informal phase of the complaint process. A certificate will be issued upon completion.

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