Certified EEO Investigator Annual Refresher Training 2021

The EEO Investigator Annual Training will provide the tools necessary to:


  • Understand the basics of EEO Law theories of discrimination

  • Understand the federal sector EEO process as set forth in 29 CFR Part 1514

  • Apply the models of proof in employment discrimination cases;

  •  Gather and Analyze evidence under the appropriate theory of discrimination

Program Content:
Module 1- Legal and Policy Updates (with discussions on COVID-19 and EEO Implications, Bostoc Supreme Court Decision, etc.) 

Module 2- Theories of Discrimination with a focus on Disparate Treatment/Comparative analysis and  Reasonable Accommodation. 

Module 3- Investigator Tools and Techniques. 

Module 4- A View from the Bench. Discussion forum with Judges from the EEOC recorded Webinar.

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A View from the Bench - Transcript

The Spectrum EEO Refresher Training delivers exciting and engaging content while exploring the current trends and real-world implications of the field of EEO Investigation. "A View From The Bench" , discussion with Judges from the EEOC attempts to ask what it is like from the Judicial view of the process and ways EEO Investigator's can deliver a more productive Report of Investigation (ROI).  

Excerpt from Module 3 - "A View from the Bench" webinar forum with Judges from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC)."

To hear the complete discussion from this informative hour long webinar, plus additional content categories as set forth in the Managent Directive 110 (MD-110) [Register Now]

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