Certified EEO Investigator Annual Refresher Training 2021

The EEO Investigator Annual Training will provide the tools necessary to:


  • Understand the basics of EEO Law theories of discrimination

  • Understand the federal sector EEO process as set forth in 29 CFR Part 1514

  • Apply the models of proof in employment discrimination cases;

  •  Gather and Analyze evidence under the appropriate theory of discrimination

Program Content:
Module 1- Legal and Policy Updates (with discussions on COVID-19 and EEO Implications, Bostoc Supreme Court Decision, etc.) 

Module 2- Theories of Discrimination with a focus on Disparate Treatment/Comparative analysis and  Reasonable Accommodation. 

Module 3- Investigator Tools and Techniques. 

Module 4- A View from the Bench. Discussion forum with Judges from the EEOC recorded Webinar.

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