Interested in becoming a certified EEO Investigator?

Becoming an EEO Investigator can be one of the most rewarding professional decisions you make in your life.  The benefits are many.  EEO Investigators enjoy freedom and flexibility that many people dream of.  Many are independent contractors and manage their own work, schedule, and have the freedom to work from anywhere with high income potential.  There are multiple professional avenues available to Investigators including being independent contractors, working for federal and state agencies, or joining corporations, law firms, or educational institutions.  Choices are abundant. 

The EEOC requires all prospective EEO Investigators to complete 32-hours of initial training. Spectrum EEO does this training online and in person.  However, we do not just do initial training for qualified potential investigators, we also offer rigorous professional development.  At Spectrum EEO we recognize that training is necessary, but experience is always the best teacher.   Our investigators gain work experience, mentorship, and career guidance that is necessary to get your foot in the door.  Our program is elite, and our investigators are the best in the industry.  Our Investigators also enjoy a professional community and access to our Centers of Excellence that allows them to leverage the power the collective years of experience of our professionals. 

Here are the steps to becoming and EEO Investigator:

Step One: Successfully complete the EEO 32-Hour Training Course

Our 32-hour online course, which meets EEOC’s requirements for investigator training, provides potential investigators with knowledge and skills necessary to investigate Federal sector EEO complaints.  

The course includes an overview of the EEO discrimination complaint process, the role and responsibilities of the EEO investigator, the theories of discrimination, interviewing techniques, and report writing.  

You will be a certified investigator at the conclusion of the training.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to investigate Federal sector EEO complaints and eligible to join our EEO Investigator Professional Development Program.

Step 2: Sign Up to Join our EEO Investigator Professional Development Program

Our EEO Investigator professional development program includes three phases of development designed to guide new EEO Investigators through structured professional development.  New Investigators are exposed to real EEO cases and on-the-job practice.  New investigators start as an Aspiring EEO Investigator, then graduate to Advancing EEO Investigator, and finally become Experienced EEO Investigators.  Investigators advance at their own pace.  The phased program is outlined below:

New Investigator Pathway.jpg

Step 3:  Enjoy the Benefits of being a professional and experienced EEO Investigator

Pat yourself on the back.  Our investigators are part of a community of seasoned investigators that have worked on thousands of cases across agencies.  Our program graduates enjoy the support of our community and contribute to it.  We provide tools, supporting material, and ongoing professional training and development that keep our Investigators at the top of their game in the industry.  We also provide ample casework that provides our investigators ample earning potential.